Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas:
Aggressive New York Criminal Defense

Charged with a crime in New York? Whether you’ve been accused of drunk driving or domestic violence, your chances of emerging with a reduced sentence or not guilty verdict are far greater if you work with a trusted Kew Gardens criminal defense lawyer.

The Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas offers proactive, personalized legal support for a variety of clients. You can count on Sean McNicholas for compassionate counsel and strong advocacy through every phase of the legal process.

Service Area

The Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas is conveniently located in Kew Gardens, New York. The law firm serves clients residing throughout the New York borough of Queens. Sean McNicholas boasts a thorough understanding of criminal justice in New York, and is therefore an excellent legal advocate to have on your side.

Practice Areas

Criminal defense is a priority at the Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas. The law firm takes on a variety of complex criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies such as domestic violence or drunk driving. In all situations, the goal is to defend clients’ rights and secure the most favorable resolution possible. Depending on the nature of the case, this could mean a complete dismissal or reduced charges.

Approach to Law: An Aggressive New York Criminal Lawyer

As an alleged offender, you risk spending thousands on fines or months, even years behind bars. Aware of these risks, your Kew Gardens criminal defense lawyer should advocate strongly on your behalf, providing the aggressive representation needed to bring your case to a favorable close.

Although an assertive approach is essential in court, it is also important to work with a compassionate attorney who understands your concerns and encourages open communication. An ideal criminal defense attorney will make you feel comfortable while still preparing you for the difficult realities of the New York criminal justice system.

Don’t wait for criminal charges to restrict your personal freedom. With the Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas on your side, you could emerge with a case dismissal or a not guilty verdict. Reach out today to learn more about the legal services offered at the Law Office of Sean A. McNicholas — and how a trusted Kew Gardens attorney can protect your rights.