Sean McNicholas Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a New York criminal lawyer, Sean McNicholas brings nearly 20 years of experience to the table. After working in the Queens District Attorney’s office for many years handling criminal matters before the Criminal and Supreme courts, attorney Sean McNicholas knows first-hand how the system works. Having a criminal defense attorney that understands the state’s methods and practices is a tremendous asset.

Evaluating Your Case

If charged with an offense, the first step is to clearly understand what evidence state prosecutors and law enforcement have compiled. Many times, this may be only circumstantial. Witness testimonies and physical evidence must all meet stringent legal standards to hold up in court. If it does not, pressing the state or asking a judge to dismiss the charges is a possibility. This is rare, but some cases warrant dismissal. It’s important to make the state meet the highest legal standards.


While misdemeanors are lesser crimes than felonies, New York has two classifications. Some misdemeanors are considered more serious than others. Class A misdemeanors involve things such as theft, drug possession and assault. The courts tend to be more lenient with nonviolent offenses. However, they are still likely to look for a plea bargain resolution short of jail time, such as probation.

Class B offenses include things like drunk driving and the courts can be tougher. But there is generally room for negotiating a reasonable resolution.  Most misdemeanor cases end in plea arrangements. However, if a fair and satisfactory outcome cannot be reached, taking your case to trial remains an option.

Felony Charges

When felony charges are leveled, it’s imperative that a strong criminal defense be mounted. Felony convictions often include imprisonment. A felony record can derail many aspects of your life and ability to make a decent living for years to come. As a New York criminal lawyer, Sean McNicholas will vigorously challenge the state to get a fair, acceptable outcome.

Seal Your Criminal Record

The State of New York allows people to have court records sealed in some cases. These things may include disorderly conduct, possessing small amounts of marijuana and offenses you’ve successfully undergone treatment for such as drug or alcohol addiction. The benefit of having your case sealed is that it becomes invisible to the public and won’t hinder you with regards to things such as future employment.

Sean McNicholas has been protecting the rights of criminal defendants in the Queens area since leaving the District Attorney’s office in 2002. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. If you have been charged with a crime, call today for a free consultation.